walk with me

and from the mountain top
Jesus saw them, his disciples—
toiling in rowing
their ship
in the midst of the sea

and as they struggled,
braced against the wind,
oars pressed to unfriendly waters

he walked to them
over wave
through gale

“be of good cheer”
he said,
“be not afraid,
it’s me.”

up into the ship he went
(no labored hoisting,
no desperate rescue)
and the wind ceased*

the peace,
a resounding hush

see the wake he leaves—
message etched on now still waters:

walk over, not into or with**
buffetings, bluster, rage, fear
walk over, not into or with
torrents, tempest, rancor, despair

walk with me,
inner voice of calm
truth teller
divine oasis
your shelter from all storms

—Joni Overton-Jung

*See Mark 6:48–51.
**See Mary Baker Eddy, Unity of Good, p. 11.

From the January 8, 2018 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

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