my story

What are the stories that define our lives? The noisy cacophony of the background narrative … all the struggles, hopes, fears, discoveries, healing … In the midst of all of it there is something pristine and pure calling out within us: a timeless singularity and certainty of who we are. It is the still small voice of God, the voice of Truth, peace, reason — reminding us that we come from and belong to God; and therefore healing, innocence, and wholeness are inherent and imminent.

My story is a winding road from Germany to Michigan to Africa to Chicago to Toronto to Port Hope—a journey of seeking, study, discovery, ranting, raving, surrendering, redeeming, writing, speaking, spiritual healing and teaching. The heart of the journey has always been centred in God—leading to and proceeding from the boundless goodness of infinite Love.

And your story? What is the spark and song in you calling out its truth—waiting to break forth, demanding to be seen?

If you’re looking for encouragement, healing and support, here are a few ways to work together:

  • Christian Science treatment
  • Consultation/appointments
    (in person Port Hope or Toronto, or by phone, Skype/Facetime, What’s App)

Ways to reach me:
905.885.6328 (Canada)
617.939.4713 (U.S. cell) voice, FaceTime, and text
Skype: joniovertonjung
What’s App: joni overton-jung

All correspondence and communication is held in complete confidence.